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What they’ve said about us –

Queensland’s leading Indigenous arts collective, proppaNOW, was set up in Brisbane in 2003 to give urban-based Aboriginal artists a voice. They present a unique and controversial perspective of black Australia which is sometimes confronting and always thought provoking.

The name proppaNOW best encapsulates the philosophy of what the collective is all about. They approach everything in a considered manner whilst providing a supportive environment for members to explore current social and cultural issues through art. The collective creates art that raises awareness of Aboriginal urban expression that depicts a contemporary story. They reinforce that Aboriginal Australia is a living culture that has evolved over time.

Current members Vernon Ah Kee, Tony Albert, Richard Bell, Jennifer Herd, Gordon Hookey, Laurie Nilsen and Megan Cope are all established artists and well respected in their own right. Collectively, they are an Australian success story.

While the history of proppaNOW is barely a decade old, it’s been a full and exciting time. We recognise the importance of documenting the history of proppaNOW for ourselves and for others, but this will take time. We wish to acknowledge our past members and will do this appropriately, as soon as we can.

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